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We understand the challenges accepting payments online via major gateways and high street banks. GumballPay is the leader in payment processing for high risk businesses operating globally in industries like gambling and crypto. You get to focus on building your business without the challenges affecting entire industries.

Build alongside GumballPay.

Our payment gateway allows you to easily and safely take card payments from customers on your site. It can be integrated into most major shopping carts and 3D secured to reduce fraud.

Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant
3D Secure
Integrate with shopping carts

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Not Traditional

GumballPay looks out for businesses like yours who don't meet the traditional requirements of ecommerce payment gateways. Our merchant accounts provide you with the platform to handle all payments for businesses considered high risk, without the extreme fees of the industry.

Our rates are extremely competitive, combined with quick compliance and onboarding, you can be trading in just 1 week.

We will build a bespoke merchant service based on your business needs, leveraging our industry relationships and banking partners to get you the best possible rates.

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High Risk Industries

Many industries are overlooked by banks and payment processors due to the compliance risk to their own businesses and the increased likelihood of charge-backs. This narrows your options if your online ecommerce requirements are for Gambling for example, with many available gateways charging very high fees. GumballPay have done the legwork for you, providing PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment solutions.

Gaming Payment Gateway

If your business runs an online casino, game or competition, GumballPay can provide suitable payment processing and merchant accounts - directly connected to our banking partners for immediate settlement to your bank account.

Forex Payment Processing

Forex Payment Processing Businesses are put off trading in Forex due to the complexities of processing and accounting. GumBallPay has developed seamless systems from gateway to broker/FX to bank accounts.

Video Games

GumballPay has built state-of-the art payment technology to offer more flexible payment processing solutions for online video games. Gaming platforms are becoming more diverse with different types of games available on mobile devices. Our leading platform and tokenization technology allows your players a simple, secure means for in-game purchases without disrupting the gameplay experience.

Esports Vendors

Esports is still so new as an industry that securing payment processing solutions and accepting card payments can be somewhat of a challenge. GumballPay have an industry leading team from Esports backgrounds, understanding exactly what you require to sell online.

GumballPay's High Risk Payment Gateway account allows you to accept cards on your website with zero hassle. You just need to focus on growing your business whilst we give you the tools to do it. Our GumballPay'shigh risk gateway is a PCI DSS Level I. As well as being compliant, our solution is solid from a tech perspective and will never fail you when connecting to your customers online. But at the end of the day, it is our high risk industry expertise which sets us apart.


24 Hour Approval

GumballPay work with industry leading providers not only for merchant accounts but bank accounts, brokers and FX for high risk industries. Apply today for 24 hour approval for payment processing and 7 day onboarding to accepting payments online.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use GumballPay payment gateway on any website?

As long as we approve your operation, you will be able to integrate with any website.

What will I need to have and show in order to get a payment processor?

Payment gateways and merchant accounts are much like bank accounts in the level of compliance that must be carried out. You will need business and director information, KYC & AML checks, legal checks (you cannot have any convictions), bank statements and proof of addresses and possibly business plans.

What is considered high risk for a payment gateway or bank?

A lot of things are in reality. Gaming & Gambling, Forex.

Why is it so hard for us to find a payment processor?

It's likely to be because the providers you're approaching are not sure on the compliance of your business, they don't trust your operation, they're unsure on the types of customers who will pay for your products and services or they may view the entire industry you operate in as too risky.

How do we know if our business is high risk?

If you haven't applied to a major payment processor such as PayPal or Worldpay yet, this is usually the best way to find out. The issue is the time it takes to be told no. The best thing to do is speak with GumballPay and we can help you navigate the complex world of payments.

Is every payment we accept considered high risk?

If you're in an industry like gambling,gaming & Forex or, then yes pretty much. There will be no way around the fact that your business operates at a higher risk than your average ecommerce store.

What is a high risk payment gateway?

Simply put, a high risk payment gateway enables businesses that operate in what's considered high risk markets, to process payments, primarily online.


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