iGaming PSPs

The iGaming industry is expanding rapidly, with new online casinos, sportsbooks, and e-betting platforms emerging at an unprecedented rate. This growth brings a high demand for trustworthy and efficient payment services. However, the industry faces a significant challenge in establishing and maintaining a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness among payment service providers (PSPs). Given the mixed reputation of PSPs within the sector, it’s essential for companies to not only offer top-notch services but also to effectively communicate their reliability and build solid relationships with their partners.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in the way businesses operate in the digital world. To establish brand recognition and build real connections in the online gaming sector, it is essential to use a combination of traditional and contemporary tactics. For iGaming PSPs, participating in trade shows and conferences is one of the most successful ways to demonstrate their commitment to the industry, showcase their solutions, and build trust with their potential customers.

Why Attend Trade Shows and Conferences?

Building Trust: Face-to-face meetings at conferences present a unique opportunity for payment providers to demonstrate their reliability and commitment, which cannot be matched by virtual interactions. These interactions lay the foundation for strong partnerships, where mutual understanding and confidence pave the way for long-term collaboration. Forbes reports that in-person meetings are the most effective way to close a business deal.

Brand Visibility and Promotion: According to Event Marketing Statistics, 52% of B2B leaders attend events to learn about newly launched products or services. Exhibiting at these events allows PSPs to enhance their brand visibility among a targeted audience. It’s an opportunity to showcase their solutions, innovations, and success stories directly to industry stakeholders. This can help in attracting new business, retaining existing clients, and establishing the PSP as a thought leader in the industry.

Understanding Competitors: Attending conferences and expos can be an incredibly valuable experience for businesses and professionals. These events offer a unique opportunity to observe and analyse competitors’ offerings, strategies, and performance. By carefully examining what others in the industry are doing, it becomes possible to identify areas for improvement and innovation, as well as to benchmark services against those of competitors. Ultimately, this kind of insight can be extremely useful in helping businesses differentiate themselves.

Innovation and Collaboration Opportunities: These gatherings are breeding grounds for innovation, where PSPs can discover new technologies, products, and services. They open doors for collaboration with investors, acquiring banks, tech providers, and other industry players to develop new solutions that can address the unique challenges of the iGaming sector.

Customer Feedback and Market Needs: Direct interactions with clients and potential customers at these events can provide PSPs with valuable feedback and insights into the market’s needs and pain points. This information can guide product development, customer service improvements, and strategic planning.

Conference Schedule for GumBallPay

At GumBallPay, we recognise the importance of attending industry events and have created a conference calendar for iGaming conferences worldwide. Here’s a peek at our calendar for the rest of 2024.

iGB L!VE – July 16-18, Amsterdam 

Organised by Clarion Gaming, this conference brings together over 6,000 professionals from various sectors of the global iGaming industry. The event features two distinct zones for attendees: the B2B Zone and the Affiliate Zone.

The B2B Zone aims to showcase the latest technological advancements, facilitate networking with solution providers, and provide insights into the constantly evolving iGaming regulations. On the other hand, the Affiliate Zone enables attendees to connect with top affiliate iGaming programmers and managers and establish strong partnerships to convert high-quality leads.

The SBC Summit – September 24-26, Lisbon

SBC brings together leaders in Sports Betting and iGaming from around the world. This year’s event will be held in Lisbon and will feature different areas for exploration, including the Casino & iGaming Zone, Sports Betting Zone, Player Protection Zone, and Esports Zone. In addition, two summits, the Payment Expert Summit and the Affiliate Leaders Summit, will also be part of the event. SBC, the industry’s premier news, analysis, and events provider, is organising the event.

SiGMA Europe – November 11-14, Malta

One of the biggest exhibitions dedicated to the growth and spread of the iGaming industry. SiGMA organises six annual conferences and exhibitions, spanning across nearly every continent across the globe giving attendees the flexibility of participating in SiGMA conferences in their preferred regions.

To succeed in the iGaming industry, payment service providers (PSPs) need to build trust-based relationships through personal meetings. In 2024, the industry is set to see a surge in high-quality events, offering a dynamic platform for PSPs to grow and innovate. 

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