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The GumBallPay smart routing system is designed to provide unparalleled efficiency in the processing of payments. By utilising advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis, our system is able to instantly assign and route each deposit to the most suitable acquirer in your region, ensuring that your transactions are authorised with the highest level of security and speed.

This system also provides valuable insights into transaction trends and patterns, which can be used to further optimise your payment processing and improve your overall bottom line. Whether you're a small business owner or a large corporation, our innovative and reliable optimisation system is the perfect solution for all of your payment processing needs.




Smart Routing

Smart routing determines the most suitable acquirer for each transaction to increase authorisation and reduce false declines

Incoming payment

Card scheme

Card issuer


Result of risk engine

Create your individual rules

Acquirer A

Acquirer B

Payment service
provider A

Payment service
provider B

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Key features of our payment routing technology

Secure payments, reduce processing fees, and increase authorisation when connecting to multiple payment service providers, through smart payment routing.

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Risk based

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Smart routing

How does
smart routing work?

Smart routing is a flexible payment solution which considers all aspects of banking products to optimise incoming and outgoing payment transactions. It identifies the most optimal route for each transaction based on banks, available channels, GEOs, card type, currency, and other aspects and configures in real-time based on the customer’s needs. Smart routing ensures global coverage with minimal costs. Smart routing is useful for merchants, as it lowers transaction decline rates.

Optimise costs, expand beyond borders, and maximise transaction approval rates with our GumBallPay smart routing feature.

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