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I. Special Terms and Conditions for GumBallPayServices

The following documentcontains important information for GumBallPay's merchants and, together withall the other contractual documents the merchant has agreed to sign in order toreceive GumBallPay’s services, determines the terms and conditions applicableto the business relationship between the merchant and GumBallPay and to theservices that GumBallPay provides to the merchant.

Terms and Conditions for the GumBallPay Website

Pulaski Publicity LTD(“we”, “us”, “our”), introduces  www.gumballpay.com (“site” or“website”).

The use of this site isgoverned by the following Terms and Conditions. Accessing www.gumballpay.com,the materials and information presented on the site, you confirm that you haveread, understood, accepted and agreed upon this Terms and Conditions. We mayrevise such Terms and Conditions at any time, and you should periodically checkthe website to review the then current terms because they are binding on you.

1.Copyright and intellectual property rights

www.gumballpay.com sitecontent is protected by copyright law. All rights to the information providedon or via this site are reserved gumballpay.com. This includes, but is notlimited to data, texts, technical sources of web pages, news, graphics,drawings, photos, illustrations, pictures, logos, services, APIs and any othermentions. The content of this site cannot be reproduced, copied, translated ormodified in any way, partially or totally without our prior written permission.

We may grant a limited,revocable and non-exclusive license to create a hyperlink to the home page ofthe site as long as this link does not describe in a false, wrong or offensivemanner gumballpay.com or its partners and affiliates. The license granted forthe hyperlink does not allow you to use the GumBallPay brand without a prior writtenconsent from us.

All intellectualproperty rights (which include copyright and rights to source code anddatabases) related to brand, trademarks, logos and all materials on the websiteare our property or used by us under a license or with permission, and/or ofour third-party partners.

Nothing contained onthe site should be construed as granting by implication or otherwise, any licenseor right to use any trademark displayed on the site without the writtenpermission from us or such third party that may own the trademark.

2.Using the site. Disclaimer

Information andmaterials presented on this site will not be considered as product offeringsand services from gumballpay.com., its main purpose being to provide a generalsource of information about our products and services. Any prices presented onthe website have an informative role, and it does not represent in any way acommercial binding agreement between us and you.

The information on thewebsite may not tell you all you need to know or is not complete and you canask us for more details by filling in the contact form.

Though we try and keepthe information up to date, there may be a time delay before we can do so. Youshould not rely solely on the information on this website. You should check detailsabout important things like prices or other fees in any actual agreement yousign as it is the terms in that document that form the agreement between us orby contacting us.

This site can be usedby gumballpay.com, customers or partners, and by any others who want to benefitof gumballpay.com’s services or wish to be informed about them. The productsand services presented on the site are not targeted to minors. The site can beaccessed by minors only with the consent and under the supervision of parentsor legal custodian.

Using this site is theusers’ sole and entire responsibility, gumballpay.com not being liable forheavy usage, inability to use the site or for direct or indirect damages of anynature arising, caused by or related to the use of the site or its content. Wedo not assume any responsibility and will not be liable for any damages,including but not limited to viruses that could infect your computer or otherproperty as a result of using this site or downloading of files, text, imagesor any type of material from the site.

We reserve the right tochange the structure, content, location and any other details published on thesite, at any time and without informing in advance.

While the website isnormally available 24 hours a day, we shall not be liable if for any reason incase the website is unavailable at any time or period. Access to the site maybe suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure,maintenance, repair, or for reasons beyond our control.


We are committed torespecting your privacy and the personal information of all visitors, users andto ensure that all information required will be stored safely and treated withconfidentiality. For more information, please check “Our Privacy and Cookie Policy”.


The site visitors canuse the contact form to send comments, notes, observations, suggestions, ideas,proposals, etc., related to the site and its content. The communication contentis permitted as long as it is not obscene, threatening, illegal, defamatory, doesnot affect private life of gumballpay.com employees, does not violate theintellectual property rights of gumballpay.com or third parties, does notcontain viruses or other malware types, carries no political or electoralcampaigns, is not chain e-mailing or other forms of spam. Once you fill in thecontact form and send it to gumballpay.com, you agree expressly and unequivocallythat the information provided will be treated as non-confidential and notprotected by intellectual property rights. Therefore, the information providedbecomes the property of gumballpay.com and can be used for any purpose.

gumballpay.com totally opposes"spam". Spam is defined as the action of sending unsolicited e-mails,usually of commercial nature, with high repetition, to a recipient with noprevious correspondence with the sender or who requested not to receive theseemails. Therefore, gumballpay.com will send you via e-mail commercialinformation only with your permission, giving you the possibility to choosewhether you want to receive such electronic messages or not.

5.Links to other sites

The site may containlinks to other third-party sites which are considered to have a useful relatedcontent but are not under our control or guidance. When using these links, theTerms and Conditions that apply are the ones corresponding to those sites. gumballpay.comis not responsible for the content and accuracy of these sites and assumes noresponsibility regarding the privacy protection system used by them.

gumballpay.com cannotguarantee or control the truthfulness or up-to-date of the information presentedon the sites of third parties which make reference to the sitewww.gumballpay.com.


Unauthorizedactions/attempts will be punished according to the regulations in force. Theseunauthorized actions/attempts include, but are not limited to, fraudulent use,misuse, unauthorized access, blocking access to other users, modifying, copyinginformation for commercial purposes, IT attacks, etc.

If you have chosen apassword which enables you to access certain parts of our site, you areresponsible for keeping this password confidential and complying with ourinstructions. You must not share credentials with anyone else, and youauthorize us to act upon instructions and information from any person thatenters your credentials.

7.Governing law and jurisdiction

These Terms andConditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Romanian law.Disputes arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be subjectto the exclusive jurisdiction of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


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